About Me

Bill Dunford by model of Viking Mars lander

Projects and Career

Web Producer / Science Writer / Social Media Specialist
2015 – Present
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
As a member of JPL’s public engagement team, I work on projects that include:
solarsystem.nasa.gov, @NASASolarSystem, @NASAMars, @EuropaClipper
, and Juno. Past projects include: @CassiniSaturn, solarsystem.nasa.gov/cassini, and @NASA_Dawn.

Chief Robot Wrangler
2005 – Present
Riding with Robots on the High Frontier
Riding with Robots is a not-for-profit science education program and art project focusing on the robotic exploration of the the solar system.

Guest Blogger
2013 – 2016
The Planetary Society
Co-founded by Carl Sagan and now led by Bill Nye, the Planetary Society advocates for space, creates its own space missions and educates the world.

Independent Photographer
2002 – Present
All images on this site and elsewhere are available for licensing (contact).

Independent Journalist
1991 – 2015
Clips available upon request.

Internal Communications Manager
1997 – 2015
Microfocus International (formerly The Attachmate Group, formerly Novell, Inc.)
Microfocus is a UK-based enterprise software company, with holdings including SUSE Linux, NetIQ, and Novell.


Husband to author Jennifer Adams

Graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Mass Communication

Pastimes include photography, hiking and four-wheeling in the mountains and deserts of Utah

Friends and Family

Jennifer Adams

Cocoa Metro

Kingbird DIY